Chapter 153: I Heard it During My Travels

Chapter 153 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

As it turned out, the “character samples” were still a form of magic. (***T/N: Pretty sure she is referring to the tarot card characters/letterings)

There were only a few days left of the winter vacation before the new semester started.

While I was doing boot camp as instructed by Sister Thulite, I used my free time to examine the “character samples” that were not runes, but that was also very difficult.

First of all, the research members I was to be accompanied with were only Virgil brothers and Connie, who shared the secrets of my reincarnation and the tarots.

Therefore, I was only able to verify things on rare occasions when I saw an available gap to avoid being noticed by the people around me.



“Wha—!? I’m sorry, Brother Willllll!”

Brother Oluris was running while half-crying.

Beyond him, Brother Will, who had been blown away by my magic and plunged headfirst into a bush…was flipped over with only his legs sticking out.

Today was the last day of winter break and I was rechecking my results so that the adults would not find out. However, the success rate was not yet high enough to prevent this kind of disaster from happening over and over again.

By the way, the location was in a secluded area surrounded by trees, passing through the back of the Virgil family’s large greenhouse.

“That’s…is that really symbolic of the wind? It’s not a shockwave or something…?”

With the help of Brother Oluris, I waded through the plants with many leaves stuck to my head, and a teary-eyed Brother Will returned to our sight. When I apologized for everything, he took off the leaves and stroked my head.

What I was currently trying to do was use a character that is said to correspond to the “Fool” tarot card.

It was an experiment with the activation of a magic stone with the character engraved in it.

Also, I was calling this Hebrew letter-based technique by a different name in order to counter Gabriella.

I called it the “Ancient (Archeo) Script Technique.”

To be honest, I didn’t think that Gabriella would know the original letterings at all, but that ws not the only reason for the extra countermeasures…Unlike with the tarots, this is more likely to be published.

The reason was that it seemed to be more convenient, and unlike the tarots, it had relatively simple effects that were not suitable for any sorts of terrorism. In that case, I thought that there  was no need to keep everything completely secret.

However, I hadn’t tried everything yet, so the details were still unknown. There was no plan to release this to the public for the time being. In the meantime, I was going to keep it a secret and study it.

Even so, just in case, I decided to set this all up as some “old letterings from somewhere that I heard from a traveler” so that when the time came, I wouldn’t have to talk about my previous world as the source of my knowledge.

That is why I attached the word “archeo,” which means “ancient” in this world, to the title.

In any case, there were three letters that I managed to identify during my winter break.

  • “Aleph”—Generates wind (corresponds to the Fool tarot card)
  • “Bet”—Affects speed (corresponds to the Magician tarot card)
  • “Gimel”—Affect on lunar magic (corresponds to the High Priestess tarot card)

Put simply, it was something like this. (***T/N: Any “Iruma-kun” fans out there? This  is just  like their ranking system, haha.)

First, ‘Aleph’. According to the interpretation of a certain real-life ‘golden dawn group’, the result was the most obvious. It had a simple effect of creating wind.

However, even though it was wind, it was quite powerful. It appeared to be quite useful for levitating things and blowing away enemies, but if you tried to use it as an air conditioner, you would be able to avoid destroying the room.

When I carved this character into a magic stone and put magic power into it, it worked without me having to call out the name of the character.

Then there was ‘Bet’. According to the interpretation of that certain ‘golden dawn group’, this meant “Mercury”, but if you expanded the interpretation further, the character governed “speed.” It was the same in this world.

As I guessed it, it was acceleration magic…or deceleration magic.

When Brother Will tried to write it on his boots, he felt like his upper body was about to be left behind and flipped over the moment he kicked out his foot with magic power, so it was not recommended. (Brother was in tears, saying he thought he was going to hurt his back)

Finally, there was ‘Gimel’. This one was the most abstract, so it took me a while, but it seemed to boost the effects of lunar related magic.

Speaking of lunar-related magic, it reminded me of the spells in an interrogation team, such as “half-moon”—a prayer phrase that aimed to amplify the effect of the spell, but I hadn’t tried it in yet…

The spell for plant growth, which seemed to be the most harmless one, was activated at night using a combination of prayer phrases and Gimel. Then the flowers bloomed and bore fruit in an instant.

I went about trying out effects like this little by little, but as one could see from the beginning, it failed in the form of an outburst once every few times…or to be frank, I was at fault for most of the failures and was in a no-contact state because I was so excited by the fantasy-feeling of magic.

It seemed that the shape of the characters and the image to be given had a great influence, but above all, the cause for any issues was that the amount of magical power put in was too large. That’s why we focused more on training to use the characters rather than trying out new ones.

And today, just before the new semester…

“You wanted to see us, Miss Alice?”

“What brings us to Virgil’s greenhouse…?”

I smiled at the sight of the little ones who had arrived, guided by Connie, who were running about.

[Original Author’s Note] Brother Will is the main victim of failure…I’m sorry -laughs-

There will be more occult material as the story progresses, but just in case, let me reiterate that this is a fictional story that has nothing to do with any real religion, organization, or person.

Also, occult stories often differ from one another depending on the source and interpretation. This author’s sources are all technical books, but I also choose interpretations that fit the development of the story in various places, and sometimes even adopts other fragments.

I appreciate your understanding.


T/N: Hello friends! We are finally in the first chapter of the new section of the story–“What I’ve Waited For All Along.” I hope you enjoy! As an apology for this chapter coming late, I will be uploading the next one right after this. Hope you all enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 153: I Heard it During My Travels

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I won’t try to put a cool face here, I’m completely lost about want happened here 😂 I’ll need to read it again to see if I get the content or go back some chapters to see if I lost anything.
    Also, yeah, that’s exactly like Iruma’s rankings xD

    PS: quick typo fix: “ but that ws not the only[…]” ws>is(?)

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    1. Finally I understood the content hahaha!
      Its was just one sentence at the end of the last chapter saying: “ To start, I began to examine the art of lettering of the tarot cards.”, and the connection to this chapter. This card spell looks really promising, Aleph could easily be the way to create flying machines (there are any already?), Bet could have many attributions as well, but we’ll need to wait for the “rules” before trying to speculate. Gimel still a mystery to me, as I don’t remember quite well if there is informations about Moon Magic…

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