Chapter 154: Winter Break Debriefing

Chapter 154 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

The members who have gathered are the aides, the Peach-Purple duo, Ivan-sama and Fredge-sama, Legion-sama and Yusef-sama, and Shin-sama, Arthur-sama and Maria-sama. There were quite a lot.

In short, they were the double leaders of the beastmen, the teachers, the trio of little ones, and the other organizers of sorts.

“The reason I have asked you all to gather here is, as previously announced…to report on the winter break homework.”


The moment I said that, a groan sounded out. It was mainly from the two teachers and the double leaders.

“Th-That…Alice, I’m very sorry, but…that…”


Yusef-sama and Ivan-sama’s ears drooped. Legion-sama and Fredge-sama were silently sweating with their eyes wandering.

Actually, I heard about the whole thing from Brother Will, the liaison. I became somewhat amused and blew it out of proportion a  little.

“Fufu. There was a sudden trip and you haven’t worked on it much…right?”

“Ugh…I was motivated to do it, I swear?”

Ivan-sama lowered his eyebrows and rounded his tail. Then Legion opened his mouth in a hurry while fixing his misaligned glasses.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been entrusted with the supervision. I haven’t been doing much flight research, but I’m advancing the preparation and review of my studies…!”

Yusef nodded and shook his head.

“Yes, that’s right. Before I realized, everyone was taken by the Metros and I was in a hurry because the little beast-children were gone. But…I brought the study tools, so it was all in good spirit. I exchanged and made them study.”

“Mmm. Did we cause trouble?”

“That’s right! We were in a panic when the little ones suddenly disappeared.”

While watching them all apologize for this, I thanked the two teachers who seemed to have successfully managed to supervise the situation.

To be honest, I originally thought that any research would have been impossible due to the sudden trip to the Einzschutt household, so this was better than expected.

When I turned my attention to the trio of little ones who were in charge of organizing the event, I saw that they had three different looks on their faces.

“Alice-sama, the members of Aurum Ward’s Dawn group are well-prepared, well-rehearsed, and well-researched!”

“Um…P-Platina’s studying was okay, but the research wasn’t great…”

“There are only a few of us in the Diamante group, so I took care of the research results for you. Of course, the studying is in progress.”

Hmmmm. This was also as reported by Brother Will.

Since Maria-sama was a child of the Aurum ward, she is surrounded by children who had been strongly influenced by me. That is why she was highly conscious.

Arthur-sama’s class was originally made up mostly of neutral children, so he was reserved in terms of motivation.

And Shin of Diamante was the one who had no choice but to work apart from the group. Therefore, he was the most serious, and it appeared that the members of the Golden Dawn Gang were tightly united in the Diamante ward.

With that in mind, I listened to the detailed reports of each of them.

Legion-sama and Yusef-sama were originally asked to be teachers to take care of the beast-children, so they were a little unfamiliar with the little human children.

It was an attempt to get the trio to cover for them, but they did a better job than I expected.

The research reported by each of them included sketches of flying fluffies and observation diaries of birds. The subjects varied from one to another, but most of them were observations of some kind.

It was very childlike and very heartwarming.

Observing something was the first step to research, and I was happy to see that…

“A collection of fairy tales?”

Among them, there was one report that stood out.


T/N: What is everyone’s guesses on whose report stood out? Mine is one of the trio members!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~!
    Alice is really enjoying her time with them xD

    I wonder what sort of reports she received… “Birds can fly!” ? 🤔

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