Chapter 73: Shifting Feelings (1)

Chapter 73 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

It’s been almost a month since I last saw Ricardo-sama.

When we parted, Ricardo-sama had said,

“I’ll come and see you again soon.”

He hugged me as he spoke.

“So don’t look anywhere else…okay? Promise.”

And then he kissed me on the cheek.


No matter how many times I remembered it, I still felt faint.

This is a two-way love, right?

I don’t think he told me exactly how he felt about me, and I didn’t tell him clearly either, but…

I would definitely faint if he said, “No.” That’s for sure.

If Ricardo-sama told me that he liked me, I would be very happy. I might even ascend to heaven. No, seriously.

But…was it okay to respond?…and there was still an uneasiness that I couldn’t quite shake.

The Stampede.

If I couldn’t avoid this…even if Ricardo-sama was by my side, I don’t think my happiness would be able to come.

Starting from the day after tomorrow, I planned to go back to explore the dungeon.

I planned to finish exploring the dungeon in the next two underground levels.

I didn’t know if I could really conquer all the floors of the dungeon right now, or if there would be more to come…There was no way to know.

We didn’t even have any proof that the stampede will stop once the dungeon was conquered…

When I was alone, I felt like I was being crushed by the uncertainty of the future. But if I could get through this, I would be able to look into the future. That’s what I strived to inspire myself to do.


As I was thinking about various things, I started to feel the irresistible urge to meet with Ricardo-sama.

I also wanted to touch his ears and tail again…

Besides, Ricardo-sama’s scent smelled good just like Sheelahs, and it was very soothing.

That scent must be the Sheelah soap made in the Aker territory.

I also wanted a soap that could make me smell like Ricardo-sama.


Sheelah soap…Sheelah…Sheelah.

That’s it! I had gotten an idea.

Since the soap wasn’t available right now, I would just use Sheelahs to make it myself!

I quickly spread out my tools on the table of the sofa set in my room.

All I needed was some undiluted Sheelah solution and something that was known as “white petrolatum (Vaseline)” in Izumi’s world.

In this world, we also had something similar to white petrolatum, and it was essential for daily moisturizing and skin care.

Children like me used natural products that were less irritating, while adult women like mothers usually used products that had added fragrance and skin beautifying effects. Other skincare products, such as lotion, was also available.

This time, I prepared a non-irritating lotion called “Nāna,” which was often used by children.

First, I poured the undiluted Sheelah solution into a small container.

Then, I used my cheat to make it more concentrated.

In another container with a round lid, I took in an appropriate amount of Nāna, and with a small spatula, I kneaded the concentrated Sheelah into the Nāna, mixing it little by little.

In no time at all, the Sheelah paste perfume was ready.

Immediately, I took a small amount of the finished paste perfume on my fingertips and applied it behind my ears and on my wrists.

Unlike perfume, a soft and gentle scent of Sheelah drifted around me.

I sat down deeply on the sofa and closed my eyes.

…Ahh. I feel like I’m being hugged by Ricardo-sama.

…I’m not a pervert, okay?

I’m just a maiden in love!!

-Knock knock!-

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the room.

“Yes. Come in.”

When I replied,

“Charlotte-sama. Please excuse me.”

The one who came in was Marianna.

“Oh, my. It smells good.”

Marianna looked around the room.

“Yes. I made some paste perfume.”

“Paste perfume? It has a gentler scent than the usual stuff, and it suits Charlotte-sama.”

Marianna smiled.

“Thank you. Anyway, what is it?”

When I tilted my head, she remembered her business and hurriedly spoke.

“Oh, yes, that’s right! Ricardo Aker is here to see you.”



What kind of miracle was it that he came to visit me at the exact moment I wanted to see him?

“Yes. At Ricardo-sama’s request, he is waiting for you in the entrance hall. Please get ready quickly, Charlotte-sama.”

Marianna snapped one eye shut and winked.

“Yes! Please help me!!”

I hurriedly moved to the dresser.

I was wearing a pale pink dress today. I wondered if this was the right dress for me.

I took a look in the mirror to make sure there were no wrinkles.

If that was okay, all I had to do was ask Marianna to fix my hair.

I sat down in front of the dresser, and Marianna quickly tied my hair up with her expert hands.

Today, she wove my hair in a loose braid, probably to match the pale pink dress.

“How do you like it?”

I checked in the hand mirror Marianna had given me.

The loose braids somehow made my slanted eyes look softer.

As an accent, there were cute pink flowers and butterflies in the shape of ornaments.

“Yes, thank you for making me look so cute!”

I thanked Marianna and hurriedly ran out of the room, pacing without hearing a reply.

A lady should never run at any time.

I was well aware of that.

But I couldn’t be bothered about that!

Because my beloved Ricardo-sama was waiting for me!

Even a second is too much. At times like this, I resented the spaciousness of the Avi household…

When I reached the spiral staircase that led to the entrance hall, I saw a man with silver-gray hair and clear blue-gray eyes looking up at me, as if he had noticed my footsteps.

“Hello, Charlotte.”

Ricardo-sama smiled happily.

“Ricardo-sama! Thank you for waiting for me.”

As I hurriedly started to descend the stairs, Ricardo-sama climbed halfway up the stairs and then extended his arm to lead me.

This unassuming gentleman…

He’s too good-looking!!!

“For dropping by so unannounced…I’m sorry.”

Ricardo-sama’s face smiled like a naughty child. My chest was already pounding.

“It’s alright. You’re always welcome, Ricardo-sama.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”

This precious refreshing smile…

I love Ricardo-sama.

“It’s been a month, hasn’t it?”

I asked with a sly smile, and Ricardo-sama laughed as if troubled.

“What’s wrong…?”

I wondered why he was looking so delicate…

I tilted my head slightly.

“Yeah…I had wondered how beautiful you would become in the future if I didn’t see you for a month, and you became so cute it’s a little troubling.”

That’s what Ricardo-sama said.


Ricardo-sama is saying things like “cute” and beautiful”…!


My face went bright red so quickly that I might have made a ‘poofing’ sound.

Oh my…why did he say something like that…

I held my bright red face with both hands.

Please praise me for not flailing around and fainting here.

Phew…be calm…stay calm. You can do it.

“…Thank you…Ricardo-sama has grown taller again, hasn’t he? You’re even more handsome than before.”

I looked up at Ricardo-sama, holding my cheeks that were still feverish.

‘Thank you. Yes, I’ve grown a little bit.”

Ricardo-sama smiled happily.

“It’s about time. Let’s move somewhere else.”

Ricardo-sama held out his hand to me.

You’re going to hold my hand???

“Is it no good?”

How could I not like it?

I shook my head from side to side and placed my own hand in Ricardo-sama’s large one.

Ricardo-sama smiled happily and my hand was held tightly.

I think I might die of heart attack today…

I felt so tingly that I thought I could die.

And then, Ricardo-sama took me by the hand and we headed for the garden.


T/N: Hope everyone has been doing well! I myself am coming off of a cold, but worry not! The next chapter of this series will be uploaded right after this one!

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