Chapter 155: Assembly

Chapter 155 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

“Oh, that’s mine!”

Shin-sama laughed happily when he saw the book of fairy tales that I had stopped holding.

“This is a collection of fairy tales that my ancestors heard in various places when they were merchants. Some of them had something to do with the sky.”

“It’s wonderful…! May I take a closer look later?”

“Yes, by all means! I will lend it to you if you like.”

As expected of Shin-sama, the descendant of a wealthy merchant. His ability to instinctively detect what was wanted was too great.

After confirming the homework in this way, I got down to the main subject.

The reason I had asked them to gather before school started was to talk about something I didn’t want people to hear.

After asking them to swear not to tell anyone, I began to talk.

“Actually, during the winter break, a traveler taught me some strange letterings. It’s something similar to runes.”

“Similar to runes…?”

With the settings having been decided in advance (***T/N: settings as in, the made up story that she learned the Archeo during her travels), I gave a brief explanation of the Archeo script technique.

If I talk too much about it, they might want to hear more details, so I emphasized that there were only a few types of characters and that they were a slightly enhanced version of runes.

It was still too early to tell the details to the children, but we decided that it was better not to hide it from the leaders.

If the information stopped with them, the crisis management would be minimized and it would be easier to ask for their cooperation in case of an emergency.

Only people with ridiculously high amounts of magic power like me could cause a magical outburst, so I basically treated it like rune magic.

I told them that it was still dangerous, and then I made a suggestion.

“The Golden Dawn Gang will continue their study sessions in the new semester. And at the same time, some of you who pass the exams will be able to take the time to do special research…Behind the surface research, I am thinking of starting a secret research.”

“A secret research…?”

The Metro brothers, who were standing behind Arthur, looked at his question and said, “Eh?”, while making a face and wagging their tails.

“You’re going to use it to research a flying device!?”

“Huh…f-flying? And you, Alice, who are these two?”

Seeing Maria’s surprise at Dav’s momentum, Brave rushed to return her sanity. Then he hurriedly pulled Dav boy’s body back.

Good, keep up the good work and keep holding the Dav boy’s hand and hold him back.

Then I introduced everyone to some of the members they hadn’t met yet, as we had accidentally forgotten to introduce everyone.

Once the scene had settled down, Fredge-sama brought us back to the topic at hand.

“Uh, so, you said…secret research, right? Is that what mean by the flying device?”

“Yes. On the surface, we will be researching rune writing, and behind the scenes, we will be researching Archaic script and developing a flying device, plus we will want to compare the performance differences of the letterings…Although, of course, I want to take the rune writing seriously. If used properly, it should be useful in our daily lives.”

“Oh—! Happy voices seemed to say.

That’s right.

Secret research, front and back, limited members—this kind of thing had a “secret society” type of feel to it, and it was super romantic!

Then, to make it more convincing, I activated the magic stone of Aleph.

I placed the magic stone on my palm and carefully and cautiously passed a small amount of magic power through it, making sure not to make any mistakes.

Then the magic stone suddenly glowed, and a strong whirlwind of wind swirled upwards from my palm.


“Whoa, this is amazing. Without a spell…!?”

A murmur of excitement and hopefulness began to fill the air.

Fufufu. It will really be amazing.

I smiled at the thought that everyone was acting like a child, even if they were adults…I drained my magic power and put the magic stone away. (***T/N: Lol, she says this, but I’m pretty sure they’re all still kids…)

“I see. So you’re saying that you’re going to develop it so that the opposing party doesn’t find out about it, and monopolize both the rights and the technology?…As expected of Alice-sama!”

“If this succeeds, won’t there be enormous profits…!? If it succeeds, there will be this and that…”


I’m not sure why the storm of praise for me began with my aides, but it happened. And then Shin-sama’s eyes twinkled as he began to calculate.

No, no, no. This is not that kind of aristocratic, scheming sort of thing, is it?

Unlike the tarots, these letterings seemed to have some rather interesting motivations that consisted of things like, “It’ll be trouble if they find out,” or “I don’t want to be disturbed by adults,” or “It’ll be bad if Gabriella finds out”…huh?

I’m wasn’t quite sure how to correct this, but for some reason, the whole place was filled with cheers like “Hooray for her foresight!” and “Victory to our Golden Dawn.”

I tried to calm them all down, but the teachers and Brother Will, whom I was relying on, only nodded  and said, “Joint goals, shared secrets, and gatherings…yes, this is a great way to increase our cohesiveness. Even so, the ability to think about securing  one’s interests at this age…”

In the end, the last day of the winter break came to an end without any rush.


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