Chapter 156: Start of a New Semester

Chapter 156 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

“The stars of spring are moistened by the night air and shine brightly…That is how people always put it. In any case, ladies and gentlemen, the Spring Star Ceremony is about to begin!”

The headmistress’ cheerful voice echoed in the hall. The students had returned to the academy, which had been closed for the wintering ceremony, and the aforementioned “Spring Star Ceremony,” which was the opening ceremony, was being held.

It was still cold, but according to the calendar, it was now spring.

The headmistress, who just said what she wanted to say, sat down and slumped over, and Principal David began to explain the new school year with a knowing look.

He still felt like the principal of Lovaine Academy, but he was actually the principal of Advenzia.

“…Well, that’s it for the general content. And as a special matter, special research activities will begin this semester. The teachers in charge will explain the details, so please listen carefully.”

With that, the ceremony ended and the students began to head back to their classrooms.

After the ceremony, the students started to go back to their classrooms. Amongst them, there was a shadow approaching.

“Do you have time right now?”

“Ah, yes…what…eh!?”

I was stopped and turned around.

…It was Prince Aquilesta, whom I hadn’t expected to see there.

The troublesome meter and the annoyance meter in my head both shattered at once and broke past their limits.

What, are you trying to mess with me this early in the new semester?!?

That’s what I though, but then I noticed something strange when my aides rushed to my side.

…What is this?


“I want to apologize to you.”


He took my hand and said he was sorry, without caring about what the people around him thought.

What’s going on?!? However, Prince Aquilesta’s fleeting expression with his eyebrows scrunched down did not stop.

“I apologize for everything, including my rudeness, my attitude, my outbursts and even the duel since I entered the academy.


“I was jealous of Archelaus’s extraordinary talent…But after my complete defeat, it turned into respect. From now on, I would like us to get to know each other as friends, is that okay?”

“Ah, yes.”

“I see! Thank you for your generous forgiveness…I promise to listen to your sincere words from now on, Archelaus, so thank you.”


As I was replying in katakana (***T/N: she’s basically replying in one syllable phrases), the prince smiled and waved his hand in the air.

The people around me watched this scene with surprise, but due to the synergistic effect of Prince Aquilesta’s overwhelming grace, freshness, and miraculously beautiful face, they reacted favorably.

As I was frozen in a slump, not knowing what was going on, I heard footsteps running fiercely towards me.

The footsteps suddenly killed the momentum, stopped, and then approached me with a terrifying feeling.


When I looked over, a pale-faced Gabriella was there.


Johann and Matilda were alarmed and tried to step forward.

That’s right. no matter how we looked  at it, this seemed like the start of a shouting match.

I was about to blink my widened eyes, but before I could, the prince made his move.

“Gabriella…! I’m sorry I had to leave before the vacation without saying a word.”


Instead oof denying Gabriella who had left the prince in a moment of crisis, Prince Aquilesta did not condemn Gabriella, but instead hugged her gently.

“I’m sure you must have been scared at that time. Were you hurt?”


“I promise I won’t lose control like that again, can you forgive me?”


Gabriella nodded with tears in her eyes and reddened cheeks. And then the two of them hugged each other tightly.

No, I really had no idea what was going on here.

I had no idea, but this made the people from the Edmund faction feel comfortable approaching the prince.

I just didn’t understand…I was very uncomfortable with a strong sense of discomfort at this amicable solution.

This was because, from the eyes of the prince who had looked at me from a close range…

…The highlights had disappeared. (***T/N: Meaning, the glow is his eyes has disappeared. His eyes look blank)


T/N: Okay. I was both happy about the apology, but then the Gabriella situation was resolved too easily! Something is definitely going on. I call brainwash!

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 156: Start of a New Semester

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Sorry for the late reply xD

    Hoo… so the prince lost his will? Well… that will not make a lot of difference, he was already a puppet wherever the case.
    (Nah, I don’t like this prince at all. Maybe the author can change this with time, but right now, this prince is just a fool).

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