Chapter 75: Dungeon (4-1)

Chapter 75 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Dungeon 4 part 1

Today was the first time in a long time that we were going to resume exploring the dungeon.

It seems that while my brother and I were out in the capital or while I was being chased after for dried fruits, father and the members of the Leah were busy with their own activities.

So this time, we decided to explore without any prior research.

The members of the group this time included my father and the members of the Leah. My brother and I were the same as before, so that didn’t change.

For some reason, Mira and Silas were both coming.

“Charlotte-sama. I’m looking forward to working with you today.”

In a formal movement, Silas bowed his head, showing off his platinum-colored hair.

“…Silas-sama, did you cut your hair?”

“Yes. It was in the way of being useful to Charlotte-sama.”

Silas narrowed his amber eyes with a smile.

“…Silas-sama. I’ve told you before that you don’t need to address me with ‘-sama.’”

“No. You are my benefactor. I cannot compromise on this. Rather, please treat me as you did when I was Lily.”

Why on earth is Silas acting like a butler?

After that, there was a heated debate about how to refer to each other.

“I understand. Do as you want.”

In the end, I was the one who broke.

I let out a small sigh.

If I lingered here, we would never be able to enter the dungeon. I decided to give up.

Silas, whom I hadn’t seen since we met in the Elven Village, was smiling happily, as if he was happy that he had beaten me in this debate.

I was the one who gave up though!!

Silas looked younger than before, probably because his hair was shorter now. He looked like a proper boy of his age.

I was glad to see that he was doing well, but…

…To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to see him anymore.

“…Silas. This is Mira.”

Having given up on many things, I quickly introduced Mira to Silas.

“I am Silas Myuuhen. Charlotte-sama has been very good to me.”

“…I’m Mira. I have abandoned my family name and I now live in this mansion with Charlotte and her family.”

They introduced themselves to each other and shook hands.

The two of them smiled at one another.

…Huh? That’s strange…For some reason, I felt a chill.

I shook my body.

From one side, the situation was amicable, however…I felt a sense of discomfort. The handshake that was being exchanged between them was so firm that I could almost hear the sound of them being squeezed.

Could it be that…they don’t get along?

“Just leave it.”

As I tilted my head in confusion, my brother covered me from behind.


“There are many troublesome things in the world of men.”

He didn’t give me any more details, but just chuckled.

“Well…since you’ve said that, there must be a lot of things.” I decided to stop thinking about it.

If I thought about it alone, I wouldn’t get any answers.

“Father and the others are waiting for us, so let’s move on.”

I called out to Mira and Silas and headed towards them alongside my brother.



Mira and Silas hurriedly chased after me.

I was now ready to kill…uh, no. I was now full of motivation, so nothing could get in my way.

I gently grasped the necklace around my neck.

As always, we all transported together using the transfer device set up at the last attack point. Last time we were on the eighth dungeon level, so we transferred there and walked down to the ninth basement floor.

As we walked, I glanced to the side and saw that the well on the eighth level had been smashed to pieces.

This was definitely my own work.

I don’t remember it, though! Teehee!

I didn’t have to worry about that spider-like hand coming out, so for me it was a great relief.

I’m sure it won’t come out because I’ve already defeated it…probably.

And if it does…who knows ?

I’ll just make it suffer the same experience…

“I know what you’re thinking, but your face is scary.”

My brother poked me on the cheek.

Huh!? It’s not right for a young lady to show this on her face…!!!

“Isn’t that right?”

My brother poked my cheeks even more.

“Brother, please don’t read my mind…”

“It can’t be helped. It’s all written on your face.”

Hmm. I might not be able to control the emotions that appear on the surface as much as I thought I could.

As I moved my cheeks, my eyes met Silas’.

…Why are you looking at me with such a smiley expression, as if you were looking at your beloved daughter…

Do you think you’re my father!?!

I shoved that thought in the back of my mind.


The moment I stepped into the ninth dungeon level, I leet out a small sigh.


My brother, who was walking half a step in front of me, called out to me in a tense voice.

He stood there as if to hide me.

I took a few seconds from there to finish putting up the universal barrier on everyone.

I was caught off guard, even though I was in the dungeon.

Even so, this was the ninth dungeon level, a level where the demon beasts had become quite formidable.

…I wonder what happened?

I peeked my head out from behind my brother’s arms with trepidation.

Then, what I saw from there was…

—A mirror???

A huge mirror was in the middle of the ninth level.

—It looks like a mirror.

However, would my brother really be this vigilant just because of that?

“…It’s a [Clown’s Mirror].”

Mira muttered.

A clown’s mirror?

“Yeah. This is not good.”

The smile had completely disappeared from my brother’s face.

Looking around,  both Mira and Silas also had tense expressions.

Only I felt unaware of the situation.

“Would you like to retreat for a moment?”

“Yeah. That’s a good idea.”

“Let’s come back once we have a plan. Otherwise…we could die.”

Fathers and the others who were in the lead were consulting with each other, keeping their eyes on the path ahead.

H-Hey…I just heard some disturbing words there…

—What? Was this really such a bad thing?

Somebody explain it to me!!! Help!!!

“It’s called the Clown’s Mirror, and it’s a troublesome mirror that is supposedly difficult to find.”

As I was looking on confused, my brother spoke up with his eyes looking forward.

Was there really such a troublesome mirror in the mountain behind our house?

I wasn’t sure if the dungeons where the stampede can occur are any different after all…

I didn’t quite understand the details of the unknown demon beast that was the Clown’s Mirror, but I still didn’t understand the situation very well.


“Oh no, not good! Run!”

“Not good, we’ll never make it in time!”

Father and the others in the vanguard suddenly started to make noise.

What?!? What’s happening?!?

Even though I didn’t know what was going on, I tried to take a retreating stance…and at that moment…

A dazzling flash of light enveloped our group, so bright that we could hardly keep our eyes open.




The three older brothers hugged me as if to hide me from the light. I closed my eyes tightly and clung to my brother’s sleeves in front of me.


Only silence remained on the 9th dungeon level, where the bright light that could be seen even with closed eyes had finally disappeared.

I gently and fearfully opened my eyes and decided to take a look at my surroundings. What I  saw through the gap in my brother’s arms, which were wrapped around me in a hug, was…


“Charlotte-sama! Don’t look at it!”

Silas-sama, who was hugging me from behind, covered my eyes with his hands.


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