Chapter 157: Somebody Bring Me Some Highlights

Chapter 157 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

No, the highlights in his eyes really seem to have disappeared.

He smiled softly, spoke a lot, and had a sparkling aura thanks to his blond hair and beautiful face, but most notable of all, was that he had no glow in his eyes.

I couldn’t help but notice that his eyes looked dead.

…No matter how you look at it, he’s been “brainwashed.”

I wanted to hold my head  and run away once I realized what was going on, but things continued to unfold in front of me.

“Gabriella, listen to me carefully. I know you are a little uncomfortable with Archelaus, but I am convinced that she will be a trusted friend and vassal…Please, can’t we come to terms with each other, being so close to me?”

“I understand, Aquilesta-sama!”

“Thank you. Now, let’s go back to the classroom building…I’ll see you later, Archelaus.”

“Oh, yes.”

The two of them started to walk away after saying that.

Gabriella glared at me with her murderous eyes…Ah, yeah. After seeing that prince, I felt relieved.

“What was that about?”

Yulena, who had been wary that Gabriella might try to hurt me again, quietly came out from behind me where we had been huddled just like a covert agent, and muttered worriedly.

Matilda and Johann, who were in front of me, also looked puzzled.

It was true. I couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort any more than anyone else because I had seen the prince’s attitude toward me close up.

Hmm, was this done by the “Imperial aides” who had taken the prince away?

For example, perhaps there was the intention to “Build a good relationship with both the Heimer and Edmund factions” or “Only think about regaining good popularity.”

Well, considering that the whole country was at stake, I guess it couldn’t be helped…

But if that was the case, why not do so from the beginning?

Most importantly…what was happening with Prince Aquilesta’s mind right now?

Was he being led to do something he didn’t want to do, like my parents had done during the Rouge incident?

Or is it possible that…his free will had been erased?

I was a little worried about that.


T/N: This is a pretty short chapter, so I’ll be uploading the next one right after this!

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