Chapter 158: Morning Homeroom

Chapter 158 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

“Now then, let’s begin the morning homeroom.”

Ray-sensei’s voice echoed in the morning light of the Aurum classroom.

After talking about the new semester as casually as Principal David did, the teacher began to talk about research.

“Exemption from classes is a privilege that only those who have passed the exams in each subject can receive. And the special research you can do in your free time is basically open for whatever you wish. You can focus on your own preparation and review, or you can do free research in groups…There will be a presentations, but there will be no ranking, so you’ll truly be free to do whatever you want.”

Ray-sensei seemed a little disappointed when he said that.

From what I’ve heard, there were two types of teachers—those who wanted their students to compete and those who didn’t—which made sense.

Perhaps, even if they were against the test, they decided not to have a competition between those who passed the exam and those who did not.

I didn’t think this was the will of Ortensia-sama, who liked duels.

However, the fact that there was no ranking also meant that the monitoring, evaluation, and rules would be much looser.

In other words, even if I had the older, non-student Virgil brothers, the two teachers, and the Metro brothers as my collaborators, if I wrote their names in the collaborator column, saying that they were my “mentors,’ the chances of others complaining were quite low.

This could not be done very well if they could rank us when reporting our activities. Because there was no ranking, there was no need to be told that we were cheating, and other people could go ahead and choose who they wanted as their mentors.


As a person who wants to make a flying device, it is very, very convenient for me that my research would not be scrutinized…

“—However, you have to declare the contents of your research in advance, report on the progress, and report the results at the end of the school year, so do not slack off.”

The morning homeroom ended with all the students complying with a, “Yes.”

[Original Author’s Note] This chapter was explanation time.


T/N: Please just get to the flying now! Haha

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  1. Thanks for the double!!
    Anyone said all the progress content, right? Huhum… this Ray-sensei still a way to go.


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