Chapter 159: Choosing a Location

Chapter 159 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

Normally, once the morning homeroom is over, the classroom moves on directly to the basic subjects…in other words, the five major subjects.

After the lunch break, in the afternoon, there is an elective class which is a mobile classroom.

In other words, if you have passed all five major subjects, you have free time from morning to noon, will study electives in the afternoon, and if you are a member of the Golden Dawn, you can get together after school to study (although some of the kids might just be looking for a snack), and then have dinner before lights out.

Of those who belonged to the Golden Dawn, there were only a few who passed all five major subjects. And there were only about ten who passed each subject separately.

Of course, myself, my aides, the Peach-Purple duo, and the trio of coordinators passed all of the tests.

The double-leaders passed about two subjects each, while the beast-children and others were either narrowly defeated or passed one or two subjects on average.

Special research activities could be done as long as the homeroom teacher gave permission, so being a member of the Golden Dawn Gang did not mean they had to study runes (or Archeo behind the scenes).

However, when I asked around, I found that all the members of the group who had passed were participating in the study of runes.

The next period after morning homeroom was an extra meeting to explain, discuss with the teacher in charge, and declare our activities, and then we were free before noon.


The classes at the Magic Academy were fun and exciting, but even so, they were still first year classes. I really felt that the basic subjects were a little less stimulating.

However, from this moment on, I would be studying an unknown field. What’s more, I would be able to study the cheat-like magic I had been longing for!

I wanted to start screaming with anticipation and excitement. My body was trembling with joy.

“Now it’s finally time for the fun research activities. Oh, I’m looking forward to it…Ufufu…Fufufufu…What should I start with!?”



No, no, no. I was just so excited that my voice came out of my mind. Matilda’s soft caution brought me back to my consciousness.

However, everyone seemed to have gotten used to the fact that I could be strange at times, and Leticia beside me was taking it easy, not really worrying about it.

“We’re going to study something called runes or ancient scripts, right? What should we do about the location?”

“The location…perhaps we should choose.”

Laurier spoke calmly. It was true that in the previous semester, we trained openly in the courtyard and schoolyard, which caused some inconveniences, such as Gabriella’s faction being able to see through our special skills.

Above all, even if the runes were discovered, I didn’t want the Archeo script to leak out unnecessarily.

“We should find private room with a lock. A place where as few people as possible would come. Furthermore, I would prefer a large, sturdy stone room…”

As I was tilting my head, I received a poke on the head from behind.

“Just what are you trying to do, Alice?”


When I turned around, I saw a grinning teacher standing there with his arms folded.

[Original Author’s Note] The members are confirmed and the location selection begins. Will Alice be able to get her secret base—!?


T/N: This chapter was quite short, so the next one will be coming right up!

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