Chapter 77: Dungeon (4-3)

Chapter 77 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Dungeon 4 part 3


Why are you stopping me again!?

I tried to shake off my brother’s hand, but he grabbed my hand as well.


I shouted in condemnation.

“Before all that, why don’t you break the spell on Mira and Silas?”

My brother smiled at me.

…Oh, I forgot.

When I looked at Mira and Silas, I could see that they were looking at me with troubled faces.

After being released from my brother, I immediately rushed over to them.

“…I’m sorry.”

I apologized as I released the spell.

“It’s fine as long as you’ve cooled down.”

Mira, now free, stretched and poked me on the forehead.

“I’m sorry too, Silas.”

“It’s okay as long as Charlotte-sama is safe.”

Silas smiled as if nothing had happened.

When I glanced at Father and the others…they must have noticed my gaze, because their bodies flinched for a moment, but then they waved their hands back at me hawkishly.

Since I had talked to my mother properly about things, I thought that I would have to talk to my father soon too, but I wondered if he would be scared of me and ever speak with me normally. I think I scared him too much.

But I still think it’s father’s fault.

Yeah. It’s not my fault.

Now then…we would have to gather some more information about the enemy before we went down to the tenth dungeon level.

“Uh, hey…help…”

I hear a voice from the bottom of the round hole, but I dared to ignore it.



I can’t hear it.

“Please help me!”

Ah, jeez! It’s such a noisy mirror!!!

I regretted that I couldn’t make it disappear at that time.


“I’ll leave it to you, Father!”


I’m going to toss this to Father and the others. It’s good for them to have some difficulty once in a while. Please do your best to pull it out of the hole. Fufu.

Now that I’d left the troublesome stuff to my father, let’s put our heads together.

The clown’s mirror had an ability called “distant vision”. It was the ability to see what one wanted to see as much as one wanted without moving from place to place.

He used this ability to disguise himself as a variety of people and demon beasts, deliberately acting out ridiculous scenes to elicit emotions from his opponents. The clown’s mirror took into itself those who were caught off guard by him. It was said that those who were taken in would wander forever in the mirror’s labyrinth, where neither life nor death could come.

So that’s why my brother and father were so careful not to show any openings…

If that was the case, I wish they had told me earlier.

The rate of appearance of such a clown’s mirror was quite low, and it was said to be a very rare demon beast—only about one in five hundred demon beasts, and if you were successful, you could tame it.

The clown’s mirror was said to have a demon beast counterpart. That counterpart may be on the tenth dungeon level, the lowest level of the dungeon.

It seems to be a troublesome demon beast, also known as the Demon of Wisdom or the Golden Canary of Demise.

It had the appearance of a human woman, and was quite intelligent…let’s just call it, uh…the [Canary of Demise].

It could synchronize its consciousness with its counterpart, the Clown’s Mirror, and gain information and knowledge from what the Clown’s Mirror saw. On top of that, the most annoying thing was that she could charm and manipulate demon beasts with her beautiful voice like a siren.

If the Canary of Demise was here, there was a very good chance that she would be the culprit that triggered and lead the Stampede.

In other words, if we could defeat the Canary of Demise…then the goal was in sight, wasn’t it?

It was almost at the same time as when I finished organizing my thoughts that the clown mirror was rescued.

“I’m saved…”

He had returned to his original form of a large mirror from his likeness of Ricardo-sama.

It was a good decision. If he still wanted to do that, I would have given him eternal pain, no matter what anyone said.

The clown’s mirror is in front of me was wrapped up in ropes.

“Well then…What should I do with you I wonder?”

I asked quietly, looking directly at the mirror.

Immediately, the mirror began to tremble and shake.

I didn’t care how it looked and continued my questioning.

“Submission…or death? Which would you prefer?”

I smiled, and all the people except my brother, including the clown’s mirror, instantly stopped moving.

The space became a scene.

When I looked back, no one moved their eyes and kept their gazes away from me.


“I will obey you! So please don’t make me disappear!!”


“Y-Yes you—Milady!!!”

“I see. So you choose submission? If so, then the line that has been used to communicate with someone since a while ago…can be cut, right?”

The mirror trembled at my words.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

The all-purpose barrier around me had been warning me since a while ago.

[Bzzt! Warning! Warning![

I never thought that the barrier could do this.

As expected of Cheat-san! Thank you!!

What the…? Wait, this voice…doesn’t it sound like Lotte?

[So I’ve been noticed. Master!]

What!? It’s Lotte?!? What are you doing—!?

Aren’t you supposed to be a cheat oven!?!


The oven it sticking her tongue out…

Well, it’s fine okay. Because it’s cute.

I’ll talk more to you later…?

[Yes. Good luck! Master!]

…Hmm. So Lotte was also a cheat.

Well, if I talk to Lotte, she’ll understand.

More than that…


I walked up to the clown’s mirror, which kept trembling, and grabbed the edge of the mirror with both hands.

“Submission…or death. You’ve already sworn obedience to me once, and yet you betrayed me. The only ending for a traitor is—”

“—I’ve cut it! I’ve cut the line!! So don’t erase me!!!”


“Tongue click!? This girl just clicked her tongue!!…A-Ah, no, I’m sorry!!! I apologize, so don’t stare at me!!!”

“I’m glad you understand.”

What a shame. I wanted to break it, so it’s too bad.

…My resentment is deep-rooted, you know?

“…Hey, why is Charlotte so good at threatening people?”

“Isn’t that what makes her so attractive?”

“…But, she’s a Duke’s daughter, you know?”

“Well, there’s also Lucas nearby. He must have influenced her.”

Mira, who had wrinkles between his eyebrows behind me, and Silas, who was smiling, were talking to each other just like that.

When you put it that way…

“What’s that about me?”

In their line of sight was my Brother, smiling happily with narrowed eyes.

““No-nothing really.””

They’re both idiots.

My brother has more sensitive ears than I do, so I have to be careful…


…See? I don’t even have to say it and he’ll know…

I should bow down on my knees as fast as I can to my brother.

“Ah, hey…aren’t you going to go downstairs?”

The clown’s mirror interrupted me in a coy manner.

“Yes, we’re going!”

For a moment, I had forgotten.

“Of course we’re going! We’ll go right now!!”

We all proceeded downstairs in a half-hearted state.


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