Chapter 162: Starting from the Basics

Chapter 162 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

Just like that, the “special research activities” got off to a good start.

First, the laboratory was remodeled by young Dav and Brave-san, who had traveled to the school with permission.

…It wasn’t exactly a normal remodeling, but rather a magical remodeling.

“I really didn’t think they would even make a furnace.”


I look around the room with my Brother Will, who had a distant look in his eyes.

The water supply was already in place to some extent, and I had been thinking that there was a lack of fire—but I had been thinking that I we could just get by using magic.

However, the Metro brothers, who wanted both fire and water stations for their research facility, had installed a small furnace by the window before I realized it.

I was terrified that the higher-ups might get angry with me for this, but surprisingly, the brothers had obtained permission from the headmistress.

She had said, “Since the room is not in use anyway, it’ll be fine if I can just get a month’s supply of curry bread from the school cafeteria.”

—those were the words explained  by the energetic young Dav.

Furniture and furnishings were built and brought in one after another, and before I knew it, within a week, the laboratory was looking like a fine place to work.

One of the most gratifying features was a small room in the back.

At first, the passageway was blinded by curtains, and in the space of about six tatami mats inside, a desk for books, shelves for materials, and a sturdy worktable were brought in, giving the room a ‘secret laboratory’ kind of appearance.

For a while, the room was going to be used as a laboratory the way it was, but when I suddenly muttered, “It would be perfect if we made it into a hidden room with a moving bookshelf,” one day, the children had picked up on my words and excitedly begged Brave-san to install a sliding bookshelf as a real hidden door.

As a result, a true “secret laboratory” was completed.

And so began a life of research in the morning, elective classes in the afternoon, and study hall after school for either research or review.

For the sake of convenience, the room in the front was called the large laboratory, and the room in the back was called the small laboratory. As declared, in the large laboratory, research on magical tools using rune script techniques was conducted.

The coordinator trio*** had taken the initiative in leading this research. (***T/N: Just a reminder, the coordinator trio is Maria Cluster, Shin Yuren, and Arthur Tanglewood)

At first, they had been doing basic research such as writing out the characteristics of each letter from multiple references on parchment and reciting them on the wall, but a month later, they were conducting an experiment in which they engraved the letters on a magic stone and activated it.

This was more like beginners rune class rather than a special study, but it was important to unify the basics when it came to research.

Since there was a certain amount of daily life magic using rune letters and magical tools, our goal was to eventually reproduce them by ourselves, starting with the simplest ones and working our way up to the next level.

In this way, I asked them to firmly acquire the basics of “creating magic tools” that currently existed.

In the end, I said that eventually I would like to entrust reliable members to make full-scale magical tools using Archeo script.

On the other hand, the core members of the small laboratory included myself, the Peach and Purple duo, Brother Will, and the young Dav. And although they couldn’t come here often, Ivan-sama and Fredge-sama were also active leaders here.

Incidentally, Yusef-sama and Legion-sama were in charge of supervising the large laboratory and were the main teachers of the study room.

The reason is that so can go to study hall after school a little less often, although only when it was unavoidable, such as when the magic we used was not stable or we couldn’t keep our hands free.

The beast-children who didn’t pass the exam missed us a lot.

It seems that herd-respecting animal instincts had come into play.

Legion-sama even reported to me, “They are studying dozens of times more earnestly than before, wanting to catch up with us and study with us as soon as possible.”

And just like that, three months had passed since the start of the research.

“Hey Alice. Are you sure, really sure, that this is the right shape?”

“Yes, I like it this way!”

It was spring, and the first hint of summer was now approaching.

We were currently behind the abandoned tower.


T/N: Next chapter is coming up right after this one!

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