Chapter 163: Flight Experiment (1)

Chapter 163 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 5 (What I’ve Waited For All Along)”

The coordinator trio was left to “the art of creating magical tools” rather than the art of rune script…of course, we were not playing around, though.

Our research using the Archeo script began with an understanding of the characteristics of the letters.

However, except for me and Brother Will, who knew about my reincarnation, I had told them that only a few types of Archeo letters had been confirmed

This was because it was rather dangerous to be aware of the information in case of emergency, although it was painful to conceal it from them.

Therefore, I decided to predict effects from my previous life’s intense occult knowledge and to focus my research on a few letters that seemed to be related to flying equipment and versatile among the many letters.

Three months later, the result is now.

“‘Aleph’ for wind, ‘Bet’ for speed, ‘Gimel’ for effect amplification…and the newly identified gimmick for ‘Hé’, ‘Vav’ for maintenance and fixation, and ‘Tet’ for harmony. Wow, that was a lot of work to verify and combine.”

“But somehow you’ve managed to work it into a shape! But…why is it a broom?”



Yes, just as Brother Will and young Dav had been talking about.

I now held in my hands a prototype of a “broom-shaped flying tool!!!”

“Because when I said ‘a tool for flying,’ it was always decidedly the shape of a broom, Dav-senpai!”

“Oh, really…? Why was that decided?”

“Because that’s just the way it is! Nyahahaha!!”


My tension had risen to the highest level since my reincarnation…or rather, it was highest it had ever been, even including my previous life. Even Dav-senpai seemed to be getting a bit nervous about it, but I just couldn’t be stopped.

After all, finally, today was the day to field test the “flying tool.”

It had taken a lot of hard work to come this far. The effect of the Archeo script was as predicted, which was good, but in proportion to the power of the effect, it was difficult to handle and was several times more delicate than the rune scripts.

The young Dav was so excited and immersed in the research of such a new art that he had stayed up all night and was staggering all night long. It was still fresh in my memory that he had exploded magic stones all over the room and covered the whole room with powder.

In addition, Brave-san, who had moved from the beastman district of his own territory to the beastman district of the imperial capital, went around looking for and testing magic stones suitable for the art of lettering, and went to the academy many times to help us.

He had also asked his relatives to send him special wood from their own territories in order to find a suitable wood for flying tools, even if he could not directly participate in the research.

This went smoothly because of the precedent of having foodstuffs sent from various regions, such as KajiKaji, so they were not suspicious of the project.

And of course, I, the Peach and Purple duo, and the Virgil brothers did our utmost as well.

Every morning we spent time in the laboratory, adjusting the power of the magic stones, verifying its sustainability, verifying the chain settings, and verifying the new materials brought in by everyone’s cooperation.

I was very busy, for example, trying my best to avert the disturbed eyes of Ray-sensei who had come to look around and pretended not to see the hidden bookshelf.

Brother Oluris, who was still afraid of the crowded school, also procured some spirit plants that were effective in stabilizing the effects of the magic stone…and so, this prototype was truly completed due to everyone’s cooperation.

I must say that this day was one of the best days of my life, both in my previous life and in this life.

“I tried it in the room a few times and it did float and move a little, but each time I did…the room became messy and people kept coming in, so I couldn’t truly try it out until now. Finally!”

“Above all, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Alice-sama…!”

Leticia-sama and Laurier-saama clapped their hands happily in celebration.

To which I replied, “Thank you, thank you so much, thank you to the world!”I replied with a mysterious tension, and immediately tried to step over the broom, but was stopped by Brother Will, who lifted me up.

“Hey, I told you that we had to make sure it was safe first.”


Ugh, that’s right.

Let’s calm down for once. Let’s put the situation in another perspective to calm down.

First of all, right now, the members of the small laboratory were going to attempt a test flight of the prototype of the completed flying tool.

And the location was behind the abandoned tower.

This spot was blinded from the school, and there was a small forest on the property on the back side.

The reason for choosing this location was, of course, because no one comes here at all.

When I actually arrived at the site, I found that there were many places shadowed by the forest grove and the material tower, giving the place a somewhat gloomy feeling. Indeed, it was not a place that one would dare to come for a picnic.

However, a secluded place with tall cover was the best place to try the tool out at the moment.

As for the members, I asked Ivan-sama and Fredge-sama, who had good ears and noses, to stand guard from a short distance away, while the coordinator trio kept the members of the large laboratory, who did not know the details of the situation, in their rooms.

After all the preparations were completed, I decided to try a test flight after school with Laurier-sama, Letitia-sama, Brother Will, Dav-senpai, and myself.

The flying tool, which was the most important thing, was in the shape of a broom, reflecting my strong desire.

The main body as a magical tool was a sturdy wooden stick, with a magical stone attached to the tip and tail, and a number of alchemical letters were carved into the body. By adding a broom ear as a decoration, the magic broom was completed.

After much trial and error, we succeeded in levitating and moving forward slightly in a small room, but we were still not sure if we could do it outdoors.

So, as a safety check, Brother Will was supposed to try it out first.

He handed me in his arms to young Dav and requested him to “hold Alice firmly,” then he picked up the flying tool with a little nervousness.


T/N: I’m still hoping for at least 1 Harry Potter reference in the next few chapters. -fingers crossed-

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