Fake Cinderella Part 2 – Royal Capital Labyrinth

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–End of Part 2– End of main story arc

This is the end of the story arcs, thank you so much for keeping with this story! Part 3, which I will be uploading, is not exactly a sequel (although some part take place after part 2), but more like a series of extra stories that can take place throughout and after the main story arcs. I hope you enjoy! Part 3 Extra Stories – In the Corner of a Fairy Tale

***4/24/21***I noticed that somebody else also started translating this series pretty recently. Feel free to check it out, however I believe they are still on part 1, a little over 90 chapters away. Some of their translations slightly differ from mine (names and translator notes, etc.) so if anyone plans to read a different version, I highly recommend starting from the beginning to read with the most consistency!

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